Rule Properties: Edit Alert Severity Condition

Use this dialog box to define the alert severity conditions for state rules.

You must define at least the following two conditions:

Note  Note   

These conditions are set in relation to the severity that populates the for Alert Severitybox.

This dialog box contains the following options used to build the conditions:

Select a parameter from the list, for example, Event Number, Event Type, Provider Name, or a custom parameter n.
Select an operator from the list, for example, AND, OR, and NOT.
Select a function from the list, for example, MatchRegExor MatchWildcard.
As you build the conditions, they are listed in this box.
Click to create the override criteria. In the Insert Overridedialog box, type an Override Nameand Default Value, and then click OK. The override populates the Conditionlist.
Show Overrides
Click to see a list of the overrides created for this condition.

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