Operator Properties: Email

Use this tab to configure e-mail notifications for the operator.

This tab contains the following options:

Email this operator
By default, this check box is selected. Clear the check box if you do not want to send e-mail to the operator.
Email address
If the Email this operatorcheck box is selected, type the e-mail address of the operator. If you are working with the properties for an existing operator, the e-mail address automatically populates this box. You can change the e-mail address by deleting the existing address and typing a new one.
Always email this operator
By default, this option is selected. The operator will be e-mailed at any time of day, any day of the week. Clear this check box if you want to specify specific times and days to e-mail the operator.
Email this operator between the specified times
Select this option to set specific times and days to e-mail the operator.
Between nand n
The default time range is set for 12:00.00 AM. Click the arrows to set the start and end time in the time range.
Days of the week
Select the check box for each day of the week that you want the operator to receive mail.