Use this folder to view, create, and manage scripts that run on agent machines. Scripts trigger actions, for example, sending an alert or performing a service discovery. Depending on the contents of the Management Pack that you download, some default Visual Basic scripts load automatically. The following table lists some common scripts.

Script Description
MOM Action Account Password Expiration Check Generates an alert if the action account password is about to expire.
MOM Agent Service Discovery Performs Service Discovery on the MOM Agent.
MOM Database State Monitoring Collects state information for the MOM Database Server.
MOM Mark alerts for forwarding to MOM Master management group This script changes the resolution state of a MOM alert, so that it can be forwarded to the MOM Master management group.
MOM Test End-to-End Monitoring Verifies MOM that end-to-end alert collection and notifications are working.
MOM Virtual Server Service Discovery Performs discovery of MOM Virtual Servers.
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You can also create scripts as Microsoft® Visual Basic® Script Edition (VBScript), Microsoft JScript®, or custom code.