Management Pack Import/Export Wizard: Select Management Packs

Use this page in the wizard to select the Management Packs to import. You can also specify how you want the import to handle existing Management Packs.

This page contains the following options:

Please select one or more Management Packs to import
Click the name of each Management Pack that you want to import.
Note  Note   

If you choose to import reports and Management Packs, the Select Reportspage is displayed after the Select Management Packspage. This page lists the available reports. To select a report, click the name of the report in the list.

The Select Reportspage also has the Always warn me about insecure connections optionselected by default. It is recommended that you keep this option selected. If you do not want to receive a warning, clear the check box.

Import options
Select from the following import options:
Update existing Management Pack. Custom rules, enabled/disabled settings, and company knowledge will be retained.
Select to update information only in the existing Management Pack that has changed. This is the default option.
Note  Note   

If you are in author mode and are importing a management pack that was created in author mode, the imported rules will overwrite any changes made to the existing management pack. For example, if you disabled a rule in the existing management pack and that rule is enabled in the management pack you are importing, the enabled rule will overwrite the disabled rule.

Replace existing Management Pack
Select this option if you want to completely replace an existing Management Pack with the Management Pack that you are importing.
Backup existing Management Pack
This check box is selected by default. Any existing Management Packs that might be affected by an import are backed up so they can be restored if necessary. It is recommended that you keep this option selected. The default directory that was created when you installed Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 is \Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2005\MPBackup\. To select a different backup directory, click Browse.