Management Pack Import/Export Wizard: Select a Folder and Choose Import Type

Use this page in the wizard to specify the location of the Management Pack or report files. You can also import management packs and reports.

This page contains the following options:

Select the folder where the management pack and/or report files are located
Specify the path to the folder where the Management Pack is located, or click Browseto navigate to the folder.
Select what type of import you want to perform
Select one of the following import types:
Import management packs only
This is the default and only option if you do not have MOM Reporting installed.
Import reports only
Select this option if you want to only import reports. You can import reports any time after Management Packs are installed.
Note  Note   

If you choose to import reports only, the Select Reportsdialog box is displayed after you click Next. This dialog box lists the available reports. To select a report, click the name of a report that is listed. After you have selected all the reports that you want to import, click Next.

The Select Reportsdialog box also has the Always warn me about insecure connections optionselected by default. It is recommended that you keep this option selected. If you do not want to receive any warning, clear the check box.

Import management packs and reports
Select this option if you want to import Management Packs and their associated reports in the same import session. This is the default option if you have MOM Reporting installed.

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