Create Task Wizard: Task Configuration (Add Download File)

Use this page in the wizard to add a download file to transfer.

Note  Note   

The parameters change depending on what target role you choose.

This page contains the following options:

Virtual directory configured for this file transfer
Displays the virtual directory that you configured for this file transfer. This box is read-only.
Remote source file in virtual directory (relative path)
Specify a source file and select a parameter from the menu.
Displays the local download folder for the file transfer. This box is read-only.
Destination file name in local download folder (relative path)
Specify a file name and select a parameter.
Warning  Warning   

In destination file names, date and time, or URL parameters cause the file transfer to fail. These parameters contain characters not allowed by the file system, for example, colon and forward slash. Do not use the following parameters:

  • Event Time
  • First Time
  • Last Time
  • Start Time
  • Event URL

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