Create Task Wizard: Task Run Location and Type

Use this page in the wizard to specify where you want the task to run and the type of task for the location.

This page contains the following options:

Run location
To specify a run location for the task, click the appropriate radio option. The Operator console is selected by default.
  • Operator Console
  • MOM Management Server
  • Agent-managed computer
  • Agent-managed computer if available; if not, Management Server
Task type
Depending on which run location you choose, you can select a task type available for that location.
Task type Description Run location
Command-line A specific command and parameter that runs on a remote computer. For example, mstsc.exe $Computer Name$. This command line opens a Remote Desktop session to the computer by name. All
Script Created script (VB, Java), imported into MOM, that runs on an agent computer. For example, MOM Action Account Password Expiration Check. This script includes critical and error parameters that you can edit. All, except Operations console
Managed Code A .DLL file, called an Assembly, written in managed code. For example, you want to run a diagnostic test on your Microsoft Exchange Server. This file must be installed on the computer on which it will run. All, except Operations console
File Transfer Command to upload or download a file between a virtual directory on the Management Server and an agent computer. Agent-managed computer