Create Notification Group

Use the Notification Group Properties-Notification Groupdialog box to create a notification group and add operators to the group.

To create a notification group

  1. In the Namebox, type the name of the group.
  2. In the Available Operatorslist, select names of operators to add , or create and add a new operator to the Group operators list.
  3. When you are finished adding operators, click Finishto close the dialog box.

If there are no operators listed, you can add and configure operators.

To add a new operator

  1. In the Detail pane, click Create Operatorto open the Operator Properties - Generaldialog box.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Operator Properties dialog boxes to create a new operator and configure notifications.
  3. When you finish configuring the properties for the new operator, click Finishto return to the dialog box.
  4. The new operator is listed under Available Operators.
  5. Add the new operator to the Group Operatorslist.
  6. Click Finishto close the dialog box.

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