Operator Properties: Page

Use this tab to configure paging through a non-Microsoft paging service. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 sends an e-mail to the paging service, which forwards the e-mail to the appropriate operator, or paging recipient. The paging service must provide an SMTP e-mail service for MOM paging to work.

This tab contains the following options:

Page this operator
Specify to notify the operator by page.
Page address
Specify the page address of the operator.
Always page this operator
Specify to page the operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Page this operator at the specified times
Specify to page the operator from one of the following specified times:
Between ___ and ___
Specify the paging start and stop times.
Sunday through Saturday
Specify to page the operator on the selected days of the week.