File Transfer Response

Use this tab to add a file transfer response to a new or existing rule. You can specify that files are transferred when the alert matches the rule.

This tab contains the following options:

Virtual directory configuration
Specify to either Use global settingsor Use other virtual directory. You configure the global settings in the Web Addresses Propertiesdialog box.
File transfer direction
Specify the direction for the file transfer: Upload one file from local agent computer to remote virtual directoryor Download one or more files from remote virtual directory to local agent computer.
Note  Note   

In this dialog box, you can also add, delete, or edit files to be downloaded.

Select a parameter to add to the path for the local source file, and the remote destination file name. You can choose from Agent, Event, or Targetparameters. You can also select an Environment Variable, for example, %PROGRAMFILES% or %SYSTEMROOT%.
Warning  Warning   

In destination file names, date and time, or URL parameters cause the file transfer to fail. These parameters contain characters not allowed by the file system, for example, colon or forward slash. Do not use any of the following parameters:

  • Event Time
  • First Time
  • Last Time
  • Start Time
  • Event URL