Alert Rule: Launch a Script

For an alert response, select a script that launches when it matches the alert criteria you set. To select a script to launch, select from the following configuration settings:

Script name
From the drop-down list, specify the script that you want to launch. You can also specify a new script, or edit an existing script.
Run location
Specify from which location the script executes: Agent Computeror Management Server.
Response timeout
Specify the maximum number of minutes in which the script can run before MOM terminates it.
Script parameters
Configure parameters of the selected script. When you select an existing script, a list appears with supported parameters that you can configure. To configure a parameter, click Edit Script Parameters.
Note  Note   

Not all scripts have parameters. Whether a script includes parameters is based on its need for external input to do conditional processing. For example, the MOM Action Account Password Expiration Check script takes a parameter that configures how soon an alert should be raised before the action account password expires.