Computer Groups: Search for Computers

Use this tab to set the search criteria that you want Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) to use when looking for undiscovered computers.

This tab contains the following criteria options, on which you can search:

Do not search for computers.
Turns off all search criteria.
Search for computers using all criteria specified below.
Turns on all search criteria.
Include computers that are
To search for specific types of computers, select any of the following check boxes:
  • Servers
  • Clients
  • Domain Controllers
  • Unknown
  • Cluster Virtual Servers
Include computers
To search on additional criteria, select any of the following check boxes.
  • With any name
  • Whose name matches the following criteria
    • Domain name
    • Computer name

Set the search criteria based on the Domain nameand/or Computer name. For both Domain nameand Computer namecriteria, choose one of these list options: equals, contains substring, matches wild card, matches regular expression, or matches Boolean regular expression. In the entry box beside the list, type the text that will be used with the search logic. If you want to use wildcards, click the right arrow beside the input area. You can insert any of the following wildcards: Any Character, Any Digit,or Any Character, 0 or More Matches.

Note  Note   

If you use wild cards in your search, the appropriate search criteria must be selected.

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