Rule Properties: General

Use this tab to view rule properties, enable or disable the rule, and set override criteria.

This tab contains the following options:

Rule Name
Specify the name for this rule.
Rule action
Displays what the rule does. This box is read-only.
Rule path
Displays the location of the rule in the MOM Administrator console. This box is read-only.
Displays a globally unique identifier for the rule group. You can use this GUID to locate a specific rule group. This box is read-only.
Last modified by
Displays the [domain\userID], the date, and the time the rule was last modified. This box is read-only.
Note  Note   

Depending on the type of rule, this box might not appear.

This rule is enabled.
Clear the check box to disable this rule.
Enable rule-disable overrides for this rule
Select the check box to enable overrides.
Override Name
Displays a unique override name, with _RuleDisableappended, if the Enable rule-disable overrides for this ruleis enabled.
Note  Note   

If you change the override name, a new override will be assigned to this rule. Therefore, the override criteria set for the previous override name will no longer apply to this rule.

Set Criteria
Click to specify the override criteria for this rule.