Wildcard pattern matching is not case-sensitive. Some fields support the following wildcard characters.

The following table provides examples of wildcard character specifications and ilustrates cases where there is a match or there is not a match.

Menu Item Character Definition
Any Character Question mark ( ?) Matches exactly one character.
Any Digit Number sign ( #) Matches one digit.
Any Character, 0 or More Matches Asterisk ( *) Matches zero or more characters.
Example Matches Does Not Match
den??? Dentonand Dennis Denison
el ????o El Campoand El Indio El Paso
houston\? Houston? Houstons
houston, tx ##### Houston, TX 77024 Houston, TX USOFA
5555 indigo ln \### 5555 Indigo Ln #32 5555 Indigo Ln 320
*TX Houston, TXand TX Houston, TX 77024
San * San Antonioand San Angelo Santa Fe
b*ville Brownsvilleand Beeville Somerville