MOM-to-MOM Connector: Add MOM Master Management Group

Use this page in the wizard to specify the destination management group for the connection.

This page contains the following options:

Target MOM Management Server
Specify the name of the Management Server (DCAM, if the destination is a MOM 2000 SP1 server.)
Target MOM Web Service
Specify the URL of the Web service on the destination management group. The generic setting is http://[ a-MOM-master-management group DCAM]:[ port]/connectorserviceV2.asmx. For a MOM SP1 destination server, the generic setting is http://[ a-MOM-master-DCAM]/connectorservice.asmx.
Destination Management Group is running MOM 2000 SP1
This indicates that the destination server is running MOM 2000 SP1.