MOM-to-MOM Connector: Forwarding Properties

Use this page in the wizard to specify alert and discovery forwarding properties.

This wizard contains the following options:

Alert Forwarding Properties
Enable or disable alert forwarding. The default setting is enabled. Clear the Forward new alerts and alert updates from Source to Destinationcheck box if you want to disable alert forwarding. You can also synchronize alert updates between the destination management group and the source management group by selecting the Receive alert updates from Destination back to Sourcecheck box.
Discovery Information Forwarding Properties
Forwarding discovery data is disabled by default. To enable discovery information forwarding, select the Forward Discovery information from Source to Destinationcheck box.

Once enabled, three options are available:

  • Forward only the Computer class and associated properties
  • Forward all Discovery information
  • Forward only a custom set of discovery information.If you select this option, click Set Custom Discovery Forwardingto provide the name and location of the discovery data configuration file on the source Management Server, and then click Browse.

Finally, click View Discovery Forwarding Informationto view the discovery forwarding configuration that you established. You also have the option of saving this configuration information to a file.