Computer Names

Use this page in the Install/Uninstall Agents Wizard to provide the names of the computers to add or browse the network.

This page contains the following options:

Computer names
Type the NetBIOS or Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) in the box. Use spaces, commas, or semicolons as name delimiters. You can type each name on a separate line.
Click Browseif you want to browse the network and identify computers. After you click Browseyou must provide additional information in the following additional dialog boxes:
Select Computers
This dialog box contains the following options:
  • Select this object type- The default is Computers.
  • From this location- The default is the domain that the MOM Server that you are using is a member of. Click Locationsto see what other domains may be available.
  • Enter the names of objects to select- Add the types of objects that you want to find. Some examples include: a computer name, a user name, and a domain\user name.
  • Advanced- Click to refine your query. A dialog box is displayed that allows you to refine a query by qualifying the Nameand Description. When you complete the Nameand Descriptionboxes, you can apply the Starts withand Is exactlyqualifiers.

    You can also enable queries against disabled accounts, and enable queries by specifying the days since the last logon qualifier.

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