Agents Properties (Global Settings): Security

Use this tab to specify whether to allow or prevent the MOM Agent from proxying for other computers or network devices.

In Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, an agent can forward data on behalf of another computer or network device. This is called agent proxying.

This feature helps prevent spoofing attacks where one agent is used to pose as another agent (or sends data to the agent for processing) and attempts to send data to the Management Server. For multi-homed agents, each management group has its own setting on the agent for agent proxying.

This setting is inherited from the Global Agent settings. However, you can override the setting for individual agents; but be aware that MOM 2005 does not authenticate the data that is sent.

Note  Note   

Agents cannot proxy if mutual authentication is enabled, and the prevent proxying setting is enabled. However, if mutual authentication is disabled, agents are able to proxy regardless of the proxy setting.

This tab contains the following option:

Prevent agent from proxying for other computers or network devices
When you select this setting for an agent, the MOM Management Server attempts to match agent name and the data being sent from the agent. If the Management Server finds no match, the data is rejected and an event is logged.