Pending Actions

When you click Pending Actions, a table in the Detail pane displays the computers being agent-managed. The table contains the following information about pending actions:

Specifies the name of the computer that is being managed.
Identifies the domain in which the computer is located.
Pending Action
Specifies the actions pending for that computer, such as Install agentor Start agentless management.
Indicates whether the computer has been approved for agent install.
Management Mode
Specifies the current management mode of the computer, such as Agent-managedor Unmanaged.
Desired Management Mode
Specifies the desired management mode of the computer.
Control Level
Specifies the level of control the agent has, which is set at Fullby default.
Management Server
Specifies the name of the MOM Management Server that manages this computer.
Installed By
Specifies the time at which the computer started agentless management.
Specifies the version of Microsoft Operations Manager running on that computer.