Unmanaged Computers

When you click Unmanaged Computers, a table in the Detail pane displays the computers that are not being managed by the Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Management Server. This view shows you previously managed computers still stored in the database, which means you can still access the data for these computers. The data remains in the database until data grooming occurs. In this view, you can also discover unmanaged machines and install agents or start agentless management. The table contains the following information about unmanaged computers:

Specifies the name of the computer that is unmanaged.
Identifies the domain in which the computer is located.
Specifies the description of the computer.
Operating System
Identifies the operating system of the computer.
Time Added
Specifies the time when the computer was added to MOM.
Management Server
Specifies the name of the MOM Management Server that manages this computer.