Architecture Overview

This overview introduces the major elements of the Microsoft® Operations Manager (MOM) architecture and user interfaces.

Architecture Elements

The following table lists these elements and describes their role in MOM monitoring, management, and reporting activities.

Component Description
MOM Database A Microsoft SQL Server™ database that stores configuration information and operations data that is produced by the monitoring process.
Data Access Server (DAS) A COM+ application that manages access to the MOM Database
MOM Management Server A computer that is responsible for monitoring and managing other computers. The MOM Management Server consists of the DAS, and the MOM Server and MOM Agent components. The MOM Management Server is an essential part of a management group (See Notebelow.)
MOM Server A component that manages the MOM Agents that monitor computers in a MOM environment.
MOM Agent A component that monitors and collects data from a managed computer.
MOM Reporting Database A SQL Server database that collects and stores the operations data contained in the MOM Database.
MOM Reporting Server A component that uses SQL Server Reporting Services to generate and display reports.
MOM Administrator console The primary user interface that is used for all aspects of configuring and administering MOM.
MOM Operator console A user interface that provides access to the operations data.
MOM Reporting console A user interface that provides access to the operational and historical reports.
MOM Web console A user interface that provides Web-based access to a subset of operational views - Alerts, Computers, and Events.
Note  Note   

A management group is a MOM installation that includes one MOM Database, one or more MOM Management Servers, and multiple MOM Agents that are installed on the physical computers being monitored. It can also include multiple computers that are monitored using agentless monitoring.

User Interfaces

MOM 2005 has the following user interfaces:

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