Deploy Agents to a Management Group

You can add a computer or computers to a management group by using the MOM Administrator console.

After you finish installing Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), the Detail pane of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) displays three quick-start Administrative Setup Tasksfor completing your MOM installation. The first option, Install/Uninstall Agents Wizard, enables you to specify computers or use discovery parameters to add computers to the your management group.

To add a computer to a management group

  1. In the Detail pane, to launch the Install/Uninstall Agents Wizard, click Install Agents.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Install/Uninstall Agents Wizard.
Note  Note   

The Install/Uninstall Agents Wizard can also be launched from several other places in the MOM Administrator console, including: the root Microsoft Operations Managernode in the Navigation pane, the Administrationnode, and the Computerssubnode and all of its children. If you want to launch the wizard from these other locations, click the Install/Uninstall Agents Wizardlink.

Although agents are installed on specified or discovered computers by default, the Install/Uninstall Agents Wizard queues agent installation in Pending Actions(in the Navigation pane of the Administrator console, below the Administration/Computers node.) After an interval, the agents are installed and the discovered computers appear in the Agent-managed Computers list. To see this list, expand the Administration node down to, and including, computers. Click Agent-managed Computers. The discovered computers are listed in the Detail pane.

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