MOM Connector Framework

The Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Connector Framework (MCF) is used to connect a MOM management group to other management systems (for example, help desk ticketing systems) or other MOM management groups. This enables the sharing of operations data (for example, alerts and computer discovery information), which can be transmitted across configuration groups or to other management systems. The MCF consists of a managed code assembly running on the MOM Server, along with a thin shim in the form of a Web service.

The MCF also enables developers to build custom connectors that communicate with a MOM Management Server through an MCF communications channel. The MOM-to-MOM Connector is an example of a connector that communicates with MCF on two MOM Management Servers.

The MOM-to-MOM product connector forwards alerts and updates back and forth between two management groups, using MCF as entry points for both groups. The product connector can also forward discovery information.

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