You can manage the size of your logs by purging log entries as needed or on a scheduled basis.

To configure the log purge operation

  1. In the Connections pane of the Client, right-click the name of the Management Server.and select Log Purge. The Log Purge Configuration dialog appears.

  2. Select the Schedule Log Purge check box.

  3. Select Run once to run this purge one time or select Run every to run this schedule on a regular basis, and then select a Start time.

  4. Select one of the Log Purge Options:

    Keep last <n> entries. Type the number of the most recent log entries that you want to keep when you purge the log.

    Keep entries for the last <n> days. Type the number of days for which you want to keep log entries.

    If the number of entries exceeds <n>. Tf the number of logs exceeds this number, purge the entire log.

    In addition to the previouse options, you can also Delete entries older than <n> days.

  5. To purge the log now based on the configuration options you have selected, click the Purge Now button.

  6. Click Finish.