In System Center Orchestrator 2012, you use runbooks to accomplish various activities. Use this procedure to test the Append and Copy Workflow runbook that you created in How to Configure a Runbook.

To test the Append and Copy runbook

  1. On your Local Disk (C:) drive, add a new folder and rename the folder Drop so that it appears as C:\Drop in your directory.

  2. Create two new text files by opening a Notepad session.

    Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad.

    For the first text file, save as Masterlog.txt.

    For the second text file, save as Newfile.txt.

    Enter one line of data in each file.

  3. Copy the Newfile.txt file to the C:\Drop folder.

  4. From the Runbook Designer, open the Append and Copy Workflow runbook.

  5. On the toolbar, click Runbook Tester to open the Runbook Tester dialog box.

  6. On the Runbook Tester toolbar, click Run to see the Append and Copy Workflow runbook run from beginning to end.

  7. From the Runbook Tester Log pane at the bottom, verify the following steps:

    • The Monitor File activity detects the file.

    • The Copy File activity copies the file to the correct destination folder.

    • The Read Line activity reads the contents of the file and the Append Line activity appends the contents of the file to the contents of the Masterlog.txt file.

    • The Delete File activity deletes the original file.