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What's New
Opalis Integration Server 6.2 includes enhancements and improvements over the previous version.
Pipeline Databus - The new version of the Opalis Databus provides easy to manage data flow throughout workflows. Improvements include:
Easy to understand rules of data flow with flexible options for output.
New ways for managing data flow.
Embedded looping for retries and workflow-built monitors.
Filter-based link processing.
New Run .Net Script object - Incorporate scripting into your workflows and publish data on the Databus directly from variables in your scripts.
Choose an Action Server – The Trigger Policy has been updated to allow you to choose a list of Action Servers to target for running a policy. This allows you to choose the Action Servers that will run a policy using published data or variables.
Nested Workflows - The Trigger Policy object has been updated to include the ability to wait for the policy to finish before returning. Also data can now be returned from the child policy.
Remote Trigger - Opalis Integration Server now includes an additional utility that you can configure on a remote system to execute policies from a 3rd party system. For more information on the Remote Trigger, see the Opalis Integration Server Administration Guide.
Environment Variable Resolution - You can now reference environment variables within Opalis variables.

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