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Opalis Integration Server

Opalis Integration Server
Welcome to Opalis Integration Server 6.2.2
Opalis Integration Server is the leading solution for IT Operations Run Book Automation. It provides orchestration, integration and automation of IT processes, enabling companies to define and standardize best practices and improve operational efficiency. Benefits include:
Consistent & repeatable IT activity
Lower support and operational costs
Higher quality, consistent service delivery
Process-driven management and reporting
With Opalis Integration Server, you can connect different systems from different vendors together without any scripting or programming.
Opalis Integration Server is a suite of applications that enable you to create, deploy, and execute Policies that will automate your well-known and repeatable IT procedures. It includes the following components:
Client - The Opalis Integration Server Client enables you to build, deploy, and maintain your policies.
Operator Console - The Operator Console enables you to see which Policies are currently running, view their real-time status, and start or stop them from a browser console interface.
Policy Testing Console – The tool used by administrators to test Policies that are developed in the Client before they are deployed.
Action Server - The engine that executes Policies. Action Servers have failover mechanisms that ensure performance and stability.
Self Monitoring – This service monitors for Policies that have not started and sends an event if one is detected.
Management Server - The central communication hub of the other components.
Deployment Manager - This tool enables you to view your entire Opalis Integration Server infrastructure and deploy Action Servers, Clients, Integration Packs, and Hotfixes from one place. For more information about this tool, see the Opalis Integration Server Deployment Manager Online Help.

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