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Decompress File
The Decompress File object decompresses the files contained in a zip archive file.
How it is used
Use the Decompress File object to extract files from zip archives that are downloaded using email or FTP.
To configure the Decompress File object you need to know the name of the archive file that you want to decompress and the names of the files within the archive that you want to extract.
Details Tab
Type the path of the archive file that you want to extract files from.
Files to extract
Type the name of the file that you want to extract. You can use the '*' and '?' wildcards to specify the filename. These wildcards behave in the same way as in the Windows Command Prompt.
Type the folder name to which the files will be extracted, or click the ellipsis (...) button and browse for it.
Reproduce tree
Select this option to extract the files to the same relative paths that they were saved in. To use this feature, the relative paths must have been stored in the Zip archive when it was created.
If the destination file exists
Select the action that you want to take if a file with the same name as the file being extracted exists in the destination folder:
Create a file with a unique name - Select this option to append a value to the filename to create a unique filename that does not conflict with an existing filename.
Overwrite - Select this option to overwrite the existing file with the file that you are extracting.
Fail - Select this option to cause the Decompress File object to fail if the filename already exists.
Available Published Data
Archive name and path
The name of the archive file that was decompressed.
Number of files within archive
The total number of files that are inside the archive file.
Size of archive
The size of the archive file.
Size of the decompressed files
The total size of the files that were decompressed.
Common Published Data

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