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Trigger Policy
The Trigger Policy will run a Policy that you have specified. You can transfer data to Policies by configuring a Custom Start object in the Policy that is being triggered by the Trigger Policy object.
How it is used
You can use the Trigger Policy object to trigger generic Policies that only perform specific actions that do not depend on how the Policy is triggered. For example, a backup maintenance procedure that shuts down services, backs up the data, and then restarts the services.
When configuring the Trigger Policy object, you only need to know the Policy you are triggering.
Details Tab
Click the ellipsis (...) button to browse for the Policy that you want to trigger.
Note: Do not trigger a Policy that starts with a Monitor object.
Trigger by path
Select to force the Trigger Policy object to trigger the policy by the specific path and name. When selected, any policy with the same name in the same folder location will be triggered. When deselected, the policy that will be triggered can be moved around the environment and the Trigger Policy object will automatically map itself to the new location.
If you have selected a Policy that contains a Custom Start object, the list of parameters required to trigger that object will be displayed. Enter a value for each parameter.
Action Servers
Type the list of Action Servers that will run this policy. Separate each name with a semi-colon (;). The order in which the Action Servers are listed will be the order used for failover and load balancing of the policy. The Action Server names must correspond to the names that are displayed within the Action Servers tree in the Opalis Deployment Manager. Leave this field blank to use the Policy or Global defaults for the Action Server assignment.
Available Published Data
Child policy Request ID
The request of ID of the policy that was triggered.
Child policy status
The status that was returned by the child policy.
Common Published Data

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