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Set SNMP Variable
The Set SNMP Variable object will modify a variable, specified by its MIB, on a network device.
To configure SNMP version 3 security, use the SNMP Options in the Client.
Note: The Opalis MIB file is located in the Support/SNMP directory on the installation CD.
How it is used
Use the Set SNMP Variable to update a variable that reports on the failure or success of a mission-critical Policy.
To configure the Set SNMP Variable object you need to know the IP address of the device as well as the port number, SNMP MIB, SNMP Version, and the credentials required to update the variable.
Details Tab
Name or IP address
Type the name of the computer or IP address of the device hosting the MIB variable.
Type port used to communicate with the network device.
Object identifier
Type the MIB identifier of the variable whose value you want to change.
Object value
Type the new value of the variable you are changing. Make sure that the new value matches the constraints that are set out by device manufacturer.
SNMP Version
Select the SNMP version to use when connecting to the network device.
Community string/User name
If you selected the SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c option from the SNMP Version drop-down list (above), the Community string field appears. Type the community string that will be used to authenticate against the network device. The community should have rights of Read write or higher.
If you selected SNMPv3 option from the SNMP Version drop-down list (above), the User name and Context fields appear. Specify the name of the user whose credentials will be used to authenticate the operator. The list of available users is found under the Options > SNMP menu.
This field is case-sensitive.
Type the context where that the user specified in the User name field belongs to. You can only specify this option when SNMPv3 is selected as the SNMP Version.
Advanced Tab
Type the number of seconds the Set SNMP Variable will wait for a response from the network device. If the operation times out, then it will attempt to retry the action. The number of retries is specified in Retry.
Type the number of times to attempt to set the SNMP variable.
Available Published Data
MIB identifier
The MIB identifier of the variable that was set.
MIB value
The new value of the variable that was set.
Device IP address
The IP address of the device where the variable was set.
The timeout period specified in the Set SNMP Variable operator interface.
Retry attempts
The number of attempts made to set the SNMP variable.
SNMP Version
The SNMP version that was specified to set this variable. This value can be ‘SNMPv1’, ‘SNMPv2c’, or ‘SNMPv3’.
Community string
The community string that was used to authenticate against this SNMP variable.
Request port
The port used to communicate to the SNMP device.
Common Published Data

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