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Send Popup
The Send Popup object will send a popup message to a computer or user on your network. The Messenger service needs to be enabled on the computer that is receiving the message.
Note: Computers that ship with Windows XP SP2 or greater as well as Windows 2003 Server SP1 or greater will have the Messenger service disabled by default.
How it is used
The Send Popup object can be used to notify users when important servers are being taken down for maintenance.
To configure the Send Popup object you will need to know the user or computer you are sending the message to and the message that you want to send.
Details Tab
User or computer
Type the name of the user or the computer you are sending the message to. You may need to prefix the domain name where the user or computer is located. For example, MYDOMAIN\computer001.
Type the message that will be sent to the user or computer.
Available Published Data
Popup recipient
The user or computer that received the popup.
The message that was sent.
Common Published Data

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