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Query WMI
The Query WMI object will send a WMI query to a system that you specify and return the results.
This object uses a satellite license. See Objects that Require Satellite Licenses for more information.
How it is used
The Query WMI object can be used to check statistics on a remote server to create audit trails that can be reviewed later.
To configure the Query WMI object you will need to know the computer that you are querying as well as the WMI query statement that you want to execute.
Details Tab
Type the name of the computer that you are running the WMI query against. Type localhost to specify the Action server where the Policy is being processed. You can also browse for the computer using the ellipsis (...) button.
Type the name of the WMI namespace that you want to query.
WMI Query
Type the WMI query that will be used to query the Computer. For more information on WMI queries, see the Microsoft WMI documentation.
Available Published Data
Computer where the WMI query is performed
The name of the computer where the WMI query was executed.
WMI Query
The WMI query that was sent to the computer.
WMI Query Result as a string
The result of the WMI query.
WMI Namespace
The WMI namespace that you queried.
Common Published Data

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