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Opalis Integration Server > Policy Testing Console > Stepping Through a Policy

Stepping Through a Policy
The Policy Testing Console enables you to execute a Policy one object at a time. You control when the Policy Testing Console continues to the next object in the Policy.
Use this method when you want to examine the behavior of each object in the Policy.
To step through a Policy:
Open a Policy in the Policy Testing Console.
Click the Step Over button on the button bar. The Policy Testing Console executes the Policy, pauses before the first object and displays the following information:
Run-time information for the object that is currently being executed by the Policy Testing Console appears in the Run Time Properties pane.
The content of the Properties dialog of the object appears in the Design Time Properties pane of whatever object you have selected. If you have not selected an object, no information appears in this pane.
To continue to the next object, click the Next button on the button bar. Published Data items that each object generates appear in the object entry in the Log pane. If this data is not visible, click Show Details. The information for the next executed object appears in the panes listed in the previous step.
To leave step-through mode and execute the rest of the Policy without stops, click Run. To stop executing the Policy, click the Stop button on the button bar.
Figure V: The Step Over button
Figure VI: The Next button
Figure VII: The Stop button

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