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The User Interface
The Policy Testing Console is made of several parts:
Figure III: The Policy Testing Console Interface
Run Time Properties pane

The Run Time Properties pane displays run-time information, including resolved Published Data items, variables, and Computer Groups, about the object that is currently being processed by the Policy Testing Console. Information appears in this pane when the Policy executes with breakpoints or in step-through mode.
Design Time Properties pane

The Design Time Properties pane displays design-time information about each object in the Policy. To view the design-time properties of an object, click an object in the Policy. You cannot edit the information that appears in the Design Time Properties pane.

The Workspace displays the active Policy. This is the Policy that was active in the Client when you launched the Policy Test Console. You can test one Policy at a time.
Log pane

The Log pane displays information about the execution of each object in the Policy as it executes.
Resource Browser

The Resource Browser pane displays the Counters, Variables, Computers Groups and Schedules that the Policy in the Workspace uses.
Customizing the user interface
The Policy Testing Console enables you to customize the user interface.
Selecting panes
Click the title bar of a pane. The pane becomes the active pane.
Resizing panes
Hover the cursor over the edge of a pane. When the cursor changes to a double arrow, click and drag the cursor vertically or horizontally to change the size of the pane.
Arranging panes
Click on the title bar of a pane and drag the pane to a new location. Release the mouse button.
Hiding and showing panes
Click the View menu and select an item to show or hide the item from view. The check mark indicates that the item will appear in the user interface, while no check mark indicates that the item will be hidden.

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