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Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations (Windows) > Objects > Update Message

Update Message
The Update Message object allows you to update the severity and text of an existing message on the OpenView Operations server.
How it is used
You can use the Update Message object to update the message text and severity based on the results from automated diagnostics performed by a Policy.
To configure the Update Message object you will need to know the OpenView Operations server that you are connecting to as well as the message you are updating.
Details tab
OVO-W Server
Type the name of the Management Server connection that you want to use, or click the ellipsis () button and browse for it. You must configure the available connections through the HP OpenView Operations (Windows) Options dialog.
Message ID
Type the ID of the message that you are updating. Opalis Software, Inc. recommends that you use Published Data from the Create Message, Acknowledge Message, Own/Disown Message, Get Message, Add Annotation to Message, Update Message, or Monitor Message objects to specify the ID of the message.
Select the severity of the message that you are updating. Select Unchanged to keep the current value of the severity.
Message Text
Type the description of the message. Leave this field blank to keep the current value of the text.
Available Published Data
Message Id
The Id of the message that was updated.
The severity of the message that was updated.
Message text
The description text of the message.
OVO-W server
The name of the OpenView Operations server where the message is stored.
Common Published Data