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Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations (Windows) > Objects > Get Message

Get Message
The Get Message object will query the OpenView Operations for messages that match the filter that you specify.
How it is used
You can use the Get Message object to retrieve a message and replicate the information in a trouble ticketing system.
To configure the Get Message object you need to know the OpenView Operations server that you are connecting to.
Details tab
OVO-W Server
Type the name of the Management Server connection that you want to use, or click the ellipsis () button and browse for it. You must configure the available connections through the HP OpenView Operations (Windows) Options dialog.
The list shows all the OpenView Operations message filters that you have configured. To edit or remove a filter, select the item and click Edit or Remove respectively. To add a filter, see the instructions below.
To add a filter:
Click Add. The Add Filter dialog appears.
From the Field drop-down list, select the field that you want to search in.
From the Relation drop-down list, select the type of relation that you want to use in your search.
In the Value field, type or select the value that will be compared to the item that you selected from the Field drop-down list and click OK. The filter is added to the list.
Available Published Data
OVO-W Server
The OpenView Operations server where the message was read from.
Message Id
The Id of the message that was retrieved.
The severity of the message that was retrieved.
The application where the message originated.
Message group
The OpenView Operations Message Group that the message belongs to.
The managed node where the message originated.
The object within the application that generated the message.
Time created
The time and date that the message was created.
Time received
The time and date that the management server received the message.
Message text
The description text of the message.
Common Published Data