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Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations > Security Requirements

Security Requirements
When configuring the security that is needed for the Integration Pack for HP OpenView Operations objects, you will need three users with specific rights on the HP OpenView Operations system:
OpenView Operations Operator user – The default Operator user that is configured when first installing HP OpenView Operations. If you have removed this user, you will need to create another one with the same rights assigned to it.
Oracle Database user – A database user that is able to read from the HP OpenView Operations database. Write access is not required.
opc_op user – When installing OpenView Operations an opc_op user is added to the Unix operating system. The Opalis Daemon will run using this user, however you will need to start the Daemon using the root user.
Note: The objects in this Integration Pack use the security rights differently and you may experience inconsistent behavior with the objects if these security rights are not configured correctly.

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