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Opalis Integration Pack Version 2 for Microsoft Active Directory > Objects > Run Command

Run Command
The Run Command object is an advanced object that lets you run custom command against Active Directory. This object invokes the Active Roles by Quest powershell commands. For more information about the commands, see to the Active Roles Management Shell documentation provided by Quest.
How it is used
Use the Run Command to perform advanced operations against Active Directory that cannot be accomplished with other objects in the Integration Pack Version 2 for Active Directory.
To configure the Run Command object you need to know which connection you would like to use, the command you want to run and the appropriate configuration for the command.
Properties Tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and select the Microsoft Active Directory connection that you want to use.
Click the ellipsis button (...) and select the command that you want to use. The fields list will populate with the mandatory fields required for the command.
Type the value for the fields that you are required to specify for the command that you have selected.
Available Published Data
The Published Data returned by Run Command object will be dynamic based on the command that was selected.
Common Published Data

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