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Opalis Integration Pack Version 2 for Microsoft Active Directory > Objects > Disable User

Disable User
The Disable User object enables you to disable an existing user in Microsoft Active Directory.
How it is used
Use the Disable User to automatically disable a user from the domain as part of an off-boarding process.
To configure the Disable User object you need to know which connection you would like to use and the idenity of the user that you will be disabling.
Properties Tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and select the Microsoft Active Directory connection that you want to use.
Type the DN, SID, GUID, UPN or Domain\Name of the user you want to disable.
Available Published Data
The powershell command that was executed for this object.
The number of items returned by the powershell command.
The identity of the user that was disabled.
Standard output
The standard out stream that was returned by the powershell command.
Common Published Data

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