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Opalis Integration Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 > Security Settings

Security Settings
The Opalis Integration Pack for MOM 2005 communicates with the MOM 2005 Server and Database. You must assign appropriate permissions to the Opalis Connector Service as well as the Opalis Action Server to communicate with MOM 2005.
The Opalis MOM 2005 Connector service must run under a user account that is a member of the “MOM Service” group.
Port 1234 incoming and outgoing must be open between the MOM 2005 Server and the Action Server.
Port 1433 incoming and ports 1024 to 65535 outgoing must be open on the MOM SQL Server.
The Active Directory user that runs the Opalis Action Server must be added to the “MOM SDK View User” and “db_datareader” roles on the MOM 2005 Database. In a default installation of MOM 2005, this database is called OnePoint. If you cannot assign these rights to the entire Opalis Action Server, you can assign the user to the Security Credentials of each Policy that use a MOM 2005 object.

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