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Opalis Integration Pack for HP Service Manager 7 > Objects > Update Entry

Update Entry
The Update Entry object enables you to modify existing entries in HP Service Manager.
How it is used
Use the Update Entry object to modify existing incident, service desk request, or change request entries in HP Service Manager based on policy logic.
To configure the Update Entry object you need to know which HP Service Manager system you are connecting to as well as the required and optional fields that you would like to modify in the entry.
Details Tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and select the HP Service Manager connection that you want to use.
Type the name of the Type of entry you will be modifying. The choices are:
Once you have selected the name of the Type you must select a Subtype. Click the ellipsis button to see available subtypes for the Type you have selected.
Type or select values for all the fields listed in the Fields list.
Select Fields
To add fields to the entry that you are creating, click the Select fields button. Select the fields that you want to use from the Available fields list, and click >> to move them to the Selected fields list. The fields appear in the Fields list.
Set as default
Click the Set as default button to set the fields in the Fields list as the default fields for all objects in the Opalis Integration Pack for HP Service Manager 7.
Advanced Tab
Object will fail after
Type the maximum number of seconds that this object will take to operate. Set this number higher if the connection to your HP Service Manager system is on a high-latency or low-bandwidth connection.
Available Published Data
This object generates Published Data items dynamically according to the fields available in HP Service Manager.
Common Published Data

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