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Opalis Integration Pack for HP Service Manager 7 > Objects > Get Entry

Get Entry
The Get Entry object enables you to retrieve for HP Service Manager entries based on sophisticated filtering conditions.
How it is used
Use the Get Entry object to retrieve entries from HP Service Manager to retrieve specific information from the entry or to modify the entry later on in the policy.
To configure the Get Entry object you need to know which HP Service Manager system you are connecting to and any specific information about the entries contained within that system that you would like to retrieve.
Details Tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and select the HP Service Manager connection that you want to use.
Type the name of the Type of entries you will be retrieving. The choices are:
Once you have selected the name of the Type you must select a Subtype. Click the ellipsis button to see available subtypes for the Type you have selected.
Retrieve entries using filters that you create with custom criteria. Perform the following for each filter that you want to create:
Click Add. The Select Filter dialog appears.
From the Name drop-down list, select the criteria that you want to use.
Select options from the Relation and Value items.
Click OK.
Advanced Tab
Object will fail after
Type the maximum number of seconds that this object will take to operate. Set this number higher if the connection to your HP Service Manager system is on a high-latency or low-bandwidth connection.
Available Published Data
This object generates Published Data items dynamically according to the fields available in HP Service Manager.
Common Published Data

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