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Opalis Integration Pack for CA AutoSys Workload Automation > Objects > Monitor Job Status

Monitor Job Status
The Monitor Job Status object enables you to monitor that status of jobs according to criteria that you specify.
How it is used
Use the Monitor Job Status object to watch for changes in the status of a job and respond to those changes.
To configure the Monitor Job Status object you need to know the name of the connection you want to use, the name of the job that you want to monitor, or the criteria that you will use if you do not know the job name.
Details Tab
Connection - Name
Click the ellipsis button (...) and select the connection that you want to use.
Job - Name
If you want to monitor a specifc job, type the job name in the field.
Monitor jobs using filters that you create with custom criteria. Perform the following for each filter that you want to create:
Click Add. The Select Filter dialog appears.
From the Name drop-down list, select the criteria that you want to use.
Select options from the Relation and Value items.
Click OK.
Polling Interval
Type the frequency, in seconds, at which you want this object to check for jobs that match the criteria that you created.
Available Published Data
Command line
The command that was sent to CA AutoSys WA.
AutoSys connection
The CA AutoSys WA connection that was used.
Error output
The error output returned by the CA AutoSys WA command.
Exit code
The exit code returned by the CA AutoSys WA command.
Standard output
The output returned by the CA AutoSys WA command.
Job name
The name of the CA AutoSys WA job that was monitored.
Common Published Data

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