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Opalis Quick Integration Kit Command Line Interface Wizard > Editing an Assembly

Editing an Assembly
You can make changes to an assembly if the tests that you performed did not produce the results that you expected, or if requirements change and you need to make revisions to the functionality of your assembly.
To edit an assembly:
Open the Quick Integration Kit Command Line Interface.
On the welcome screen of the wizard, click the Load from QIK CLI Assembly button. The Open dialog appears.
Browse for the assembly file that you want to edit and click Open. The wizard displays the same screens that appeared when you created the assembly, except that the fields are populated with the information that you configured when you created the assembly.
Make changes to the information in the wizard. Click Next on each screen to move to the next screen until the wizard has finished, and then click Finish. The wizard creates a new assembly according to the information you provided on the wizard screens. If you did not change the name or path of the original assembly, the original assembly will be overwritten by the new one.
To test the new assembly, follow the instructions in Testing an Assembly. To convert the assembly into a custom Integration Pack, follow the instructions in Converting Assemblies into Custom Integration Packs.

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