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Opalis Integration Pack for CA Spectrum 8.1 > Objects > Discover IP

Discover IP
The Discover IP object enables you to discover new IP addresses of devices and add the device to CA Spectrum.
How it is used
Use the Discover IP object to create add a device to CA Spectrum.
To configure the Discover IP object you need to know the name of the connection to the CA Spectrum server that you will use, the IP address of the device you are adding and optionally CA Spectrum collection that are adding it to. If you are adding an SNMP device you must know the community string of the device as well.
Details tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for the CA Spectrum connection that you want to use.
Device IP
Type the IP address of the device you are adding to CA Spectrum.
Select the optional properties the device:
Click Select Fields. The Add/Remove Property dialog appears.
In the Available list, select a field that you want to add to the event and click >>. The field moves to the Selected list. Repeat this step for each field that you want to add to the device.
Click OK. The Properties dialog appears. The fields that you selected appear in the list.
Click in the field to the right of each field name and type the corresponding value, or insert a Published Data item.
Note: If you do not specify a Collection for the device it will be added to the “Lost and Found”.
Available Published Data
The CA Spectrum collection that the device was added to.
The community string used to find the SNMP device.
Connection Name
The name of the connection used to connect to CA Spectrum.
Device IP Address
The IP Address of the device that was added to CA Spectrum.
Device ID
The ID that the device was assigned by the CA Spectrum system.
The name of the CA Spectrum server.
The name of the user that added the device to CA Spectrum.
Common Published Data

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