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Opalis Integration Pack for CA Spectrum 8.1 > Objects > Create Event

Create Event
The Create Event object enables you to create an event in CA Spectrum.
How it is used
Use the Create Event object to create an event in CA Spectrum when Opalis Integration Server discovers an incident in your data center.
To configure the Create Event object you need to know the name of the connection to the CA Spectrum server that you will use, and the fields that you will populate the event with.
Details tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for the CA Spectrum connection that you want to use.
Select the fields that you will include in the event that you create:
Click Select Fields. The Add/Remove Property dialog appears.
In the Available list, select a field that you want to add to the event and click >>. The field moves to the Selected list. Repeat this step for each field that you want to add to the event.
Click OK. The Properties dialog appears. The fields that you selected appear in the list.
Click in the field to the right of each field name and type the corresponding value, or insert a Published Data item.
Note: Users must manually type the CA Spectrum event types into the Event Type field of the Create Event object. To look up the event types in CA Spectrum, type ./show models in the home folder of spectrum/vnmsh.
Available Published Data
The identification number of the event that you created.
Connection Name
The name of the server connection that you used.
The name of the CA Spectrum server that you connected to.
The user name that you used to connect to the CA Spectrum server.
Common Published Data

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