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Retire Element
The Retire Element object retires an element so that it will no longer be pinged by CA eHealth.
To un-retire an element, you must use the Unretire command in CA eHealth.
If you generate a report about a retired element, no data will appear in the report for the time that the element was retired.
Retired elements are discoverable by the Discover Element object. However, the Discover Element object lists the retired element using a unique name. For example, if the original name of the element was CPU1, and CPU1 was retired, when the Discover Element object discovers it, CPU1 is added to CA eHealth as CPU1a.
How it is used
Use the Retire Element to stop CA eHealth from pinging elements that were unreachable.
To configure the Retire Element object you need to know the name of the element that you want to retire.
Details tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for the CA eHealth connection that you want to use.
Click the ellipsis button (...), the Select Element dialog appears.
Type the name of the Group that the element belongs to.
If you are using CA eHealth 5.7, type the name of the Group Type the element belongs to.
Type the Element Type.
Type the name of the Element. If you have specified the other fields click the ellipsis button (...) and select the Element.
Available Published Data
Element Name
The name of the element to be retired.
The name of the connection to the CA eHealth server that you used.
Common Published Data

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