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Get Element
The Get Element object gets current information about elements that you specify using a filter.
How it is used
Use the Get Element object to collect information about existing elements before generating a report about them.
To configure the Get Element object you need to know the criteria that you will use to search for elements.
Details tab
Click the ellipsis button (...) and browse for the CA eHealth connection that you want to use.
Create the criteria that you will use to trigger this object when matching elements are found. Follow the instructions below.
To add a filter:
Click Add. The Add Filter dialog appears.
From the Field drop-down list, select the field that you want to search in.
From the Relation drop-down list, select the type of relation that you want to use in your search.
In the Value field, type or select the value that will be compared to the item that you selected from the Field drop-down list and click OK. The filter is added to the list.
To edit or remove filters from the list, click Edit or Remove, respectively.
Available Published Data
The names of the elements that were found that matched your criteria.
Results count
The number of elements that were found that matched your criteria.
The name of the connection to the CA eHealth server that you used.
Common Published Data

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