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Update Alert
The Update Alert object updates information in an alert. The Update Alert object requires the identifier of the alert that you are updating. Opalis Software, Inc. recommends that you provide this value by inserting a Published Data item.
How it is used
Use the Update Alert object to update the information in an alert based on the results from automated diagnostics performed by a Policy.
To configure the Update Alert object you need to know the name of the ObjectServer that you want to connect to, the identifier of the alert that you are updating, and the names of the fields that you want to update.
Details tab
Type the name of the ObjectServer connection that you want to use, or click the ellipsis () button and browse for it.
Type the identifier of the alert that you want to delete.
Select fields
Select the fields that you want to update in the alert that you identified and provide the new information.
Click Select fields. The Add/Remove Alert Field dialog appears.
Select the items from the Available list that you want to add to the alert and click >>. The items appear in the Selected list.
To remove an item from the Select list, click <<. The items are removed from the Select list and re-appear in the Available list.
Click OK. The Create Alert Properties dialog appears. The fields that you selected appear in the Properties list.
Click in the field to right of each item and type the new information that will populate that alert field, or insert a Published Data item from another object.
Available Published Data
This object generates Published Data items dynamically according to the fields that you selected when you constructed the alert.
Common Published Data

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