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Using the QIK Wizard vs. the QIK objects
Before you develop a custom integration, consider how you will use and deploy that integration. The following table will help you decide whether to use an Invoke .Net or Invoke Java object for your solution, or whether to use the QIK Wizard to create a new Integration Pack.
To create Integration Packs or objects using the QIK Wizard, open the QIK Wizard and click the Help button.
Use the Quick Integration Kit Wizard when:
Use the Invoke .Net, Monitor .Net, Invoke Java, or Monitor Java objects when:
You need to create a group of objects that each perform a different operation, but are related in some way.
You want to apply different icons to the objects that you create.
You want to group the objects together in the Objects palette.
You want to apply a customized name to the new category of objects in the Objects palette.
You want to deploy the objects to multiple Action Servers or Clients.
You only need the object to perform a single operation.
You want to test an interaction with a .Net or Java class before developing and deploying a new Integration Pack with the QIK Wizard.

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